Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Entrapeunor MOM extrodinaire...

We all want, or desire to do more of what- we all want, and desire. Question is 'What do you want and desire out of your life venture?'; I have personally gone on a journey of moving towards what I desire the most; being 'Boss!' This journey has put my whole existence under the microscope . I'm having to look deeper into my very being to understand what's at the core of me, and how that contributes to my purpose which I desire to live out. I am a mother as well so I look at my life circumstances and the relationships I have made and have during this time.

So, FAST FORWARD 12/19/2017

I found something which will help me invest into my business ventures as well as help me retire by the time I'm 35.A global social club which promotes more traveling and time spent creating memories with loved ones. With that said, I highly recommend any person who realizes they might not ever retire or travel going the current route they are on to contact me, and let me show them how to end the 'rat race' and live a lifestyle that provides room for spending time with loved ones, doing the things that bring you joy.

Lets support one another in making abundance a regular every day thing.

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years was about an adult narrating his life while you watch the younger version of him on screen re-create all these milestones as an adolescent. I have decided to do the same, except... there is no younger version of me to pop up and reenact anything. I will create a time line that traces back major memorable events. I will put up on the blog what I used to create my time line and then post the actual time line and break it down. I promised my self I would get to the bottom of me... I will uncover every last bit, no stone un-turned.

Heart to Heart

Sometimes the heart speaks in ways that we can't verbally express to our selves. Waves wash over me, my heart sends out words with out primordial sound... the heart knows nothing of the English language. To decipher is to learn a new language. Patience is required and love is in session.

My anger, and rage are tucked away neatly in my subconscious...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Eradication of Femitheist Divine ROOTS

When I saw this on a friend’s status; I was all over it! I can't help but be an enthusiast of interesting bull shit! (I say that with out- most respect and love; for all has its place in this realm of endless possibilities) Everyone has a right to their opinion, but when you start an uprising creating followers and discuss plans of over running things and basically create a possible cult which has the potential  to be the next " Peoples Temple", and want to implement these new extreme ways of being and living (in which my kids might be participating or living in!?) Well, I have my own opinions- with some collective methods that might be better if implemented instead- for the betterment of the future and the highest good of all.

 It started with reading VICE magazines interview with the Heflin creature. I then progressed to some other interesting blogs (Matt Forney, The Unknown History of MISANDRY, A Voice for Men) when I decided to go a little deeper into the root cause of this girl- creatures desires. What I found was interesting, indeed. Now, I located her FB @Femitheist, and saw a comment that inspired me to post an addition to form a thread proving a pretty good (and I feel AVALID) point! I guess it was so sound that her admin servant (probably a man, j/k; come on I like to play around) deleted it as a form of opting out of a rebottle perhaps? Here below is the core belief system of her (what some would call) crazy Femitheist: 

(P.S. the link leads you to an old blog; seems she has closed it down, there might be a possibility that in her new Q & A; she tries to cover up the underlining truth to her madness by sugar coding her intentions on her website from learning through out her blogging career (I feel) in regards to this topic; that she will get eaten alive, and have no success in delivering her point of view on her truth in this way, but that's what I gather.)

"We must show men that they are worthless and useless, like lapping dogs at our heels. Begging, starving, dying, and whining up to the hand that feeds – our hand. Yet, we will not feed them. We will slap them down, and throw them outside to die. We will re-define the world, and create am ambience which utterly loathes and abhors everything that is male, and embraces and loves everything that is female."

"Along with men, we shall eliminate the handicapped, and the disabled (any form, mental or physical), including the abominations that are “intersexual” people, commonly, and incorrectly, referred to as hermaphrodites. Eugenics is the future, and not only are these types of people an economic, mental, physical and emotional strain on themselves and others, generating misery for all around them, but they are a blemish to the genetics of humankind. We will take our evolution into our own hands, and we will rid the world of all vermin.

Homosexual men, for being the greatest of misogynists by being naturally inclined to hate women and find them unattractive, shall be put to death. There will be no exceptions, ever. Even for a man who is only partially skewed. They are all bound forever to the collective. Every individual male, offender or inoffensive, will be judged by the actions of the greatest perpetrators."


Vice Interview:

Would men be kept in isolation like stud horses?

I believe we must remove men from the community and place them in their own specific sections of society, akin to subsidized or state-funded reservations, so they can be redefined. We can make not only men safer, but women as well. By subsidizing said reservations through the state we can provide men with activities, healthcare, entertainment, shelter, protection and everything that one could ever require in life. This will remove conventional inequality from society. By reducing the number of men to 10 percent of the total population, their socio-bio value will be raised. They will live out their lives happily and safely, and male disposability will be a thing of the past.- Heflin

What about the ambitions of the individual?

Some men may aspire to more than luxury breeding pens. Some would argue it would be a dystopian world because it wouldn't be free in the present conventional sense. However that is misguided. It will be utopian because it will be a world almost without conflict where people cooperate and are treated properly within a well-engineered and long-forged system. If everything is great for almost everyone the point is null. Survival and socio-organic wellbeing are the most important elements in life. Diversity of principles and standards is only necessary in a world of multiple nations, cultures, societies, and religions due to fear of oppression. So, how is this world any better? Because some people have potential opportunities to do certain things?-Heflin

and ONE last thing

Doesn’t all this dismiss the notion of companionship and the family unit?
Heterosexual companionship and the nuclear family model, yes.-Heflin

What do you propose as alternatives?

 Children should be raised communally and by the state. The nuclear family model is a breeding ground of deceptions, mediocrities, treacheries, hypocrisy and violence. It needs to be abolished. Bigotry, prejudice and antiquated convictions are passed down through each generation. The conventional family unit indoctrinates our youth and drains them of their potential. My solution would be to assign children caretakers whose task would simply be to provide shelter, food, clothing and protection for each child – all of which would be yielded by the state. Perfect girls will be conceived, developed, and engineered in state-owned breeding centers. They will be bound together in a communal venue under the instruction and control of female savants.-Helfin

But realistically that’s not what’s best for the kids.- VICE

Now, that's a sneak peek, but I feel she has been practicing on her 'way of wording' or 'dishing out' the message to the mass in all her new material since her disappearing act in 2012 when she faked her suicide.

I was inspired to write this article after liking her FB, and snooping to see what others were saying about her message, and her ways I saw a fellow FB user had made a point saying that "women have the ability to be just as bad as men" and in history there is proof of that. Being who I AM; I felt compelled to add something to that response; basically stating THIS (AND THIS IS WHY IM DOING THIS, THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR!):

Instead of Marxism-femist, instead of all this GIRL POWER/ MAN POWER none sense which has miss lead us- FATHERS need to start role modeling to future males how a real man is: some one who trusts his sisters & respects them, & wants to be on their team & stands up against the real bad guys who are the men who abuse the women. 1 out of 5 women say they have been sexually assaulted; A statistic done by the New York times. And why is that? Look all around you starting with how the media portrays to our children (the future) what our dynamics should be, how we function (they are teacher too)...its set up for failure...(its bad enough that there are role models that are deeply rooted into passed belief systems about our roles, etc. with cultural difference put into place) one sided and lop sided -we are always tipping the scale one way, or another. This is the time to eradicate some of this nonsense and expand!- ME

The admin servant ended up deleting the post. But I feel I made a good point! All thanks to the wonderful video; TED X talks: Ideas worth hearing; speech given by: Collin Stokes- Where this intelligent, soulful man (father too) makes a connection, and spreads a message to the mass; which I THINK it a permanent solution! Verses this other POSSIBILITY which she vows- upholds our best interests societally by separating us into our own designated spaces creating possible: isolation, unbiased, unemotional, and unnatural way of being. Everything has its place! Emotions lead to actions (emotions= Energy in motion) and we are all energy in motion, it is a part of us, and it should be accepted. Anyone ever seen EQUILIBRIUM? With Christian Bale? Well, her utopia might work if she forced us to take the pill that leaves us emotionless. Actions rise from our emotions, it is completely impossible! Unless you have reached your highest potential (I assume from what I have read) of separating yourself from your humanistic abilities.

Now, I know that the Ted X video is specific, but its message is universal. There are many contributing factors tearing our civilization apart (the list goes on), therefore there are many tools we can implement through self-awareness, and discipline through inspired action; such as the one suggested by Collin, and the one I live by as a mother of two girls’, and one boy; ‘By being of example, and embodying love, and compassion.’ We might not be able to do away with the shit, and piss that stain's the streets from our past mistakes! But we can learn from our ancestors, our family, and collectively from one another (as well as from the self-stand point) and move forward with grace, and dignity for the betterment of the future. Start with YOU! It WILL send out a ripple affect! Yes, perhaps globally it will be hard to get everyone on the path of righteousness, but those people have their place! To help us choose consciousness every time, a reminder if you will of what we could choose to be, or not be?!

Here is the video I speak of that got my cogs going about a year ago (and now it has it's place), fast forward to 9:05 for the universal message (but please; I do encourage watching it fully so you can see) Here is part II of the video 'Enough With the Hero's Journey already' that expands a little more on his message.

Honestly people! Pont blank, as Collin Stokes says; "We are supporting actors in all the stories going on around us, and sometimes we are the bad guy. "

Excerpts from 'Enough With the Hero's Journey': My message to HEFLIN CREATURE

"Ease up on the heroism & grow up"

"Ask your-self always what role your playing in their story, because that way every relationship is the call to adventure on the threshold to a new better world!"

"This is what we want to teach our little protagonists before they get on ship bias"

Clearly Krista got on ship bias (at least in my opinion)

I end this article (which trust me! I have so many connections I could make right now to expand the mind, and uncover the underlining problem with Femitheist DIVINE) by saying to please stop judging one another but especially your damn self! And start treating your bodies like the temples they are, feed your children's minds with beauty and love and compassion towards man kind. We all deserve a higher quality of living! But only I can grant that to my self, and my children.

A little bit about why I have been inspired, and moved by all this Femitheist talk. I have met wonderful individuals that believe in Feminine and Masculine energies working together, embracing one another. Feminine and Masculine energy is within ALL of us, and is sacred! There are individuals (such as this Krista Heflin) who are majorly supporting the understanding of Feminine and Masculine dynamics and synergy (within and without). Here are some links I would like to provide.

Nicole Abundace- A lifestyle coach that works with expanding Men and Women a like in understanding some contributing factors in communion/ dynamics. (Everything is a relationship in life. What is your relationship to this or that etc.) Now yes, a lot of talk about dating etc. But again its the underlying, universal message in what she is saying with what she is describing in her informative research & blog post.

Lauren Sheehan- She taught me through her journey in fully receiving herself how much feminine she had cultivated so much so she failed to see how much she had neglected her masculine essence- overly nurtured one side.  Now her work isn't just about that, it goes deeper and is interconnected to other things afloat. 

Paul Cooper- Thanks to Lauren I had the ability to learn about the magic this man creates, working with individuals. There is a lot one can learn from one another! What I learned from Paul is that to me he is a perfect role model of what a man who has good ethics and morals can bring up and do in this lifetime!

Jordonna Eyre- Magnificent proof of how one can live in love and flow by simply ‘BEING’. No need to pull a HEFLIN and try to forge some new society by making people conform to shit no one wants to or isn't meant to conform to.

Murshada Va- She brings about ultimate truth! She speaks for us all! Not more one than the other. She teaches us through the old ways of healing.

Tanya Paluso- Tribal Truth Chief Energy Officer! :) She is badass! helping women fully receive themselves and heal from all the years we had be conned into thinking we need to embody more masculine (because the world has been functioning from a masculine flow), and leave the fem on the back burner. She is bringing back TRIBE! to this generation!

I hope to one day contribute in helping: Men, Women, and children to fully receive themselves and uplift one another. I choose to start with me; ‘If I can't better myself, I won’t be able to do squat for anyone else.’

We are working with souls here people! And hearts! And MINDS!

I consider all of these to be FREEDOM AGENTS!

In conclusion; as per what the blog writer of 'The Unknown History of Misandry" states:

I respect the Heflin creature. She is correct in saying she and her compatriots are the future of feminism. She combines bioethics (eugenics, euthanasia, death panels) with Marxist utopianism and ordinary female entitlement. This fits the “progressive” mold – and attitude which promotes the belief in future rewards in a utopian paradise and is willing to use genocide to get there.

Respect is not assent. One should always respect one’s opponent when that person is seriously intending to harm you. Gaia is a dangerous goddess: she is the greatest of all known serial killers (volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes). We should respect her and respond with appropriate self-preservation tactics: namely, promoting truth, morality and good character. (Robert St. Estephe)

My rebottle to that last part is simple- Lets leave it up to Mother Nature, while we LIVE our lives. (I do agree with her on that last bit though, none the less MEH!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Practicing Self Acceptance

I will be practicing acceptance of some less- acceptable things.

In the morning when you wake up- make time to think of:

One thing you don't accept about your self?

And then:

Why that particular trait is beneficial and good?

Goal: So you might GIVE IT ACCEPTANCE!

I enjoy listening to Teal- She is interesting, I can't help, but to be curious, and intrigued.

Trying not to be judgmental on ones self is not easy. It feels as if it is on autopilot for most, and goes as an unnoticed dilemma in our society.  I have been very judgmental.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Gaia (mythology)

Gaia (mythology)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Primordial Being of the Earth
Feuerbach Gaea.jpg
Gaia, by Anselm Feuerbach (1875)
Abode Earth
Consort Uranus, Zeus, Pontus, and Poseidon
Parents Aether and Hemera or Chaos
Siblings Eros, Erebus, Tartarus, Uranus and Nyx
Children Cronus, Pontus, the Ourea, Hecatonchires, Cyclopes, Titans, The Gigantes, Nereus, Thaumus, Phorcys, Ceto, Eurybia, and Typhon
Roman equivalent Terra
In Greek mythology, Gaia (/ˈɡ.ə/ or /ˈɡ.ə/; from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ, "land" or "earth";[1] also Gaea, or Ge) was the personification of the Earth,[2] one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea). Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.[3]

Gaia Awaken

Gaia Awaken

I'm the mother- giving life; death, and rebirth dwells within. My womb, the container for creation within my realm- connected to the Universe, crating endless possibilities. We seek connectivity- creation- abundance, and limitless way of being. I am my greatest mystery. I search within for the answers to life.

I am creator!

Masculine, and Feminine energy dances back, and fourth at it's own frequency in search for balance. Life's greatest secret's lie within; a Pandora's box, filled with ultimate truth. I- the soul, on our life essence as we strive to BE and find truth- unique to each individuals BE- ing. Energy!

As we look for nature's hidden garden that dwells within us all, and drink from our own unique fountain of youth; I bring us life's gift's, and bear fruit to all others hungry and lost in search of the light- of life they lack within. The purpose; to bring lost souls back from the dead while there is still time to live this beautiful thing called life.