Friday, February 7, 2014

Gaia Awaken

Gaia Awaken

I'm the mother- giving life; death, and rebirth dwells within. My womb, the container for creation within my realm- connected to the Universe, crating endless possibilities. We seek connectivity- creation- abundance, and limitless way of being. I am my greatest mystery. I search within for the answers to life.

I am creator!

Masculine, and Feminine energy dances back, and fourth at it's own frequency in search for balance. Life's greatest secret's lie within; a Pandora's box, filled with ultimate truth. I- the soul, on our life essence as we strive to BE and find truth- unique to each individuals BE- ing. Energy!

As we look for nature's hidden garden that dwells within us all, and drink from our own unique fountain of youth; I bring us life's gift's, and bear fruit to all others hungry and lost in search of the light- of life they lack within. The purpose; to bring lost souls back from the dead while there is still time to live this beautiful thing called life.

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